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Korogard® Protective Wallcovering

Korogard® protective wallcoverings are manufactured using a semi-rigid Korogard substrate sheet designed for use in high-traffic areas that are subject to abuse from impact, gouges, and scratches. Korogard extends the life cycle of walls and reduces maintenance costs from repairs and repetitive labor like painting.

Korogard wallcoverings are available in five thicknesses and in sheets or rolls. A multitude of standard colors are available, and custom colors can be created to your specification. One important quality detail is that each Korogard sheet is manufactured with color throughout the entire thickness of the sheet so that minor scratches or dents will not be visible. Korogard protective wallcoverings are designed to color-coordinate with and complement all Korogard Wall Protection products and Koroseal® Wallcoverings. Moldings and caulk are available to ensure accurate color matching and finished look.

Korogard is chemical and stain resistant to prevent discoloration and surface damage from strong cleansing agents. Korogard protective wallcoverings are fire rated for Surface Burning Characteristics as classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and meet national building code standards.

Korogard wallcoverings are available as a Korogard ETS product manufactured with a unique blend of high-performance PETG.

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