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C6PL Photoluminescent Crash Rail

The Korogard® C6PL Photoluminescent Crash Rail with Glow-in-the-Dark Accent Strip is a 6" rail with a full-length vinyl cushion and continuous aluminum retainer. A photoluminescent accent strip is added to the profile extrusion, making the rail visible in total darkness for a period of at least five hours after exposure to normal light conditions.

The glow-in-the-dark accent strip serves as an additional way-finding egress in case of evacuations due to a power outage or fire. Best suited for medium- to high-impact areas. The Photoluminescent Crash Rail creates a unique combination of safety and protection for use in any interior setting subject to transient occupancy.

The C6PL Photoluminescent Crash Rail is backed by a limited five-year warranty. All crash rails are Class I/A fire rated and meet national building code standards. All Korogard linear profiles color-coordinate with KOROSEAL® and Vicrtex® Wallcoverings for a "systems" approach to wall protection.

* USP #5,469,682, Koroseal Interior Products

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