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Digital Lab

Patty Madden

Kurt Johnson
Kenneth Gregg
Evans & Brown
Lizzie Deshayes
& Tim Butcher
Oren Sherman

The artists of the Koroseal Digital Lab bring centuries of design, decades of accomplishment and a fresh take on this 21st Century technology to the world of wallcovering.

Scale: Digital printing technology has shattered the traditional confines of the printed pattern repeat. Wallcovering has entered a new frontier of dramatic, expressive scale with endless options for creative design expression. Our digitized designs are optimized to print in nearly any size you want them. It's possible to expand these designs to grand proportions without losing detail or vibrancy.

Color: Digital printing brings you limitless expressions of the use of color. Koroseal Digital Studios Wallcovering can be produced in rich artist-inspired colorways, or endless combinations of color for custom one-of-a-kind installations. Our designers are on hand to alter and modify the chroma and hue of these patterns to suit your needs.

Material: Koroseal Digital Studios brings multiple substrate possibilities for wallcovering. From rich textures and color enhancing matte finishes to shimmering metallics, these wallcovering options make the most of this dramatic offering of images and styles brought to you by these award winning artists. Designs can take a turn for the fantastic when printed on the right substrate. Special effects or unique textures are all possible with our materials.