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Sound Designs™ Acoustical Treatments

Acoustical Treatments - Panels


Acoustical Treatments - Clouds


Acoustical Treatments - Baffles


KOROSEAL Interior Products offers a wide array of acoustical products specifically designed to manage sound in virtually any interior space. If your goal is to effectively control high noise levels oftentimes associated with public areas such as corporate environments, dining areas, performance spaces, and education facilities, Koroseal Sound Designs™ Acoustical Treatments combines both elegance and functionality.

Engineered to provide customized solutions, KOROSEAL Sound Designs are expertly manufactured with only the highest quality materials. Panel shapes, sizes, construction, surfacing selections, edge details, and mounting systems are carefully evaluated and custom-designed to provide a finished product that delivers superior acoustical performance for your facility.

Combining the sound absorbing qualities of our high performance fiberglass core with your choice of surface materials, KOROSEAL Sound Designs are available in 1/2" to 2" thicknesses. Our products are designed to meet NRC ranges from 0.70 to 1.10, dependent upon the surface materials selected and panel, cloud, or baffle construction.

You can select from an extensive collection of high-performance decorative woven textiles and functional non-woven acoustical fabrics for your surface finishes. Our expansive line of commercial wallcoverings from KOROSEAL®, Vicrtex®, and KOROSEAL® Studios can be acoustically perforated, offering endless selections of patterns, colors, and textures, all beautifully suited to meet your project's requirements.

Since it's all about making an impression, now you can experience the warmth and beauty of real wood in a unique acoustical application. KOROSEAL Sound Designs offers a comprehensive line of wood veneer wallcoverings as another versatile option for your acoustical needs. These beautiful wood veneer wallcoverings are precision perforated to provide a high level of acoustical performance.